Here is one of my trusted applications when it comes to PC maintenance. I mean, I’ve tried a lot of them but this one last and did the best of its kind.

I’ve been installing heavy programs on my computer as a multimedia artist, and this one gives me additional boost to my PC unit.

Few of its redoubtable benefits is of course:

• Faster warm booting/start up. My Quad Core AMD A8-3850 takes only 1 minute to boot with all multimedia programs installed such as Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, latest 3D PC games and the likes.

• Faster cold booting/shutdown. It took the same unit 15 seconds to shut down!

• Faster response from installed programs. Since it cleans  unnecessary clutter within the system.

• Inspects registry easy for unwanted strings of codes hindering faster processes.

• Much more safer and easier to use.

• And a lot more.

Note: Performance of this programs and even the effect on the system depends upon how it is being used and upon the knowledge of the user including the platform being used. So, I may say, use it with caution. Just like any other programs.


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