In every human enterprise, their is one factor that serves as a sticky and gluey thing – relationship.

Having a virtual assistant with you is superlative to a business – works mobile and works cheap, right!

But that’s just half of the pie, establishing a somewhat lasting relationship is another effort to take on each party.


Here are few but not limiting quick tips on your virtual business camaraderie:


CLIENT: Must be clear-cut in what she/he wants from the VA. Clients wants VAs to take other other side of the balance. Do the things you she/he might not be able to do and generate more time for other businesses.

VA: Virtual Assistants on the other hand must also clarify what their client exactly wants to avoid necessary waste of time and money.


CLIENT: Clients take time in articulating what they want to do for the day. They must bare the burden of explaining what structure they want for the day to their VAs. Poor articulation would mean wasted effort, time and resources.

VA: A VA have to be keen enough to figure out into their minds their client’s quirks. Better yet, “get into their own shoes.” That’s one thing a VA has to master.


CLIENT:  Obviously, client asserts and controls the deadline. It’s a rule of thumb, particularly if the project is fix priced even if it’s hourly.

VA: VAs must be assertive and interactive when the deadline is brought out by your client. Know your strength and weakness. Know if the deadline would work for and you will be able to come up with. Don’t hesitate to arrange on the deadline, else if things don’t get done at arranged time neither of you would hardly benefit.


CLIENT: Knowledgeability is key. Client must introduce to his/her VAs what’s the work processes. This includes, software, websites and maybe accounts that needs to be shared for faster accessibility.

VA: On the other hand, if the VA knows better about the stuff mentioned above, then coaching them to a client is a plus factor.


CLIENT: Client must learn to take his/her VA take control of the job. How will he knows that a VA is capable but by letting him take control after detailed instructions.

VA: You have been trusted.

It’s in your hands now. The game is yours to play – do the project as astute and as diligent as you can.

It’s your to make or break.

At the end of the day nobody is ever better or worst than you are – and, perhaps, your client has the last say



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