1. BLOG/WEBSITE – one of the basic prerequisite of and for a Virtual Assistant is a website or at least a blog. This is the hub or the drop site of everything you know about internet, the service you want to offer. In other words this is where you place your portfolio.

2. TIPS & TRICKS – I don’t know, but ultimately, if a client sees your site with tips and tricks in it – they’re more likely to hire or qualify you in his job posting.

3. KEEP THE BELL RINGING – keep in touch with your client every now and then even if the contract is over. Send him updates about your career, new services you have or even just greet him saying “Hi.”

4. KEEP LEARNING – don’t rest on your laurels. Becoming complacent is fatal to your career or business. Remember you are in the cyber platform where the only permanent thing is change and innovation.

Don’t get left behind. Keep on upgrading yourself.

5. GET A MENTOR – Better yet, learn from the pros. Accept it, there are people who have gone before you. And they are much eager to share their knowledge as much as yo are eager to learn.

6. BE A MENTOR –   you are the effective effect of the cause. In other words, be a mentor yourself. That is why a blog/website is important. It is where you will share what you have learned.

7. CLIENT FIRST – it is good to think that you have clients because you need them and it is better to think that they need you – but it is best to think both. Nevertheless, by the rule of thumb it is always what the client needs, not what you need. We’re not saying that the “client is always right” – you know it.



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