The following are just few tips on what to expect from a client who would like to hire a VA; and for a VA who wants to get into contract. These are just few but not limited to:

1. VA HUB – clients look for company or website trusted by them when they hire virtual assistants. So make sure you enlist/sign-up to a renowned VA and outsourcing companies like oDesk, Elance, Freelancer and the likes.

2. NICE AND EASY – clients are humans! They like VAs who are not just skillful but nice and easy to be with. Guys, clients can read and feel by the way you write your cover letter, so be at your best composure before you write your cover letter.

If it’s call and video interview – get dressed and smile. Treat him/her as a friend whom you are willing to help get through his needs or establish a business rather than just a client.

Try that, and you hit two bird with one stone – a friend and a client!

3. TEST HIRING – you have to get used to this. Clients tests every VAs they want  to hire, mostly through a week time. So make sure to do it your very best when you have a dry run or a test run with your client.

Always be smart! Do it as if it would be your last chance to show off. And maybe, since lots of you are making the best step for the slot.

4. VARIOUS EMAILS – clients used to have various emails especially if they have several assistants. Since using her regular/personal email would over-populate his inbox and would be difficult for him to read all of them.

In case your client don’t know it yet, be smart and suggest it to him. That’s a nice plus factor.

5. SPECIFICS – good clients are well versed at giving detailed instructions, some are not. Here is one best thing that you do, smart guy, after he has given you instructions make sure to rephrase or repeat the instructions to him the way you understand it. This way you won’t miss a thing textually and ideally.

6. SORTING – clients sort their tasks according to importance, again to highly aware and conscious clients. To VAs it might be one of your noble role to remind your client of the virtue of sorting, then you’re one thumbs up ahead.

7. GRADUAL INCREASE – long term clients are more likely to double your duties after one another. They increase your load bit by bit. He even knows when to increase your tasks. Some clients who doesn’t know this usually begets VAs that also mess-up. So make sure to remind your client about work loads and outputs.

8. MULTIPLE ASSISTANTS – clients with business usually hoard more than one VA. Obviously, to delegate balanced workloads and for emergency purposes whereby a VA suddenly gets lost in the blue without prior notice.



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